Collection: Transfers || Sublimation & DTF

Sublimation Transfers & Direct to Film Transfers


Sublimation transfers:

Must be pressed on at least 50% polyester (the higher the poly count, the brighter and more permanent the image will be) and must be done on a light color. Sublimation ink dyes the fabric, so it can only be a design that's darker than the fabric you're printing on. (Example: print a black design on a light colored shirt)

Recommended pressing instructions: 385* F for 55 seconds at medium to firm pressure

Pros: Permanent print, dyes the fabric so there is no texture to the design at all, stretches and moves with the fabric


Direct to Film transfers: 

Can be printed on cotton, polyester or blends

Recommended pressing instructions:  320* F for 10 seconds, COLD PEEL, then press again for 10 seconds with a teflon sheet

Pros: Can be printed on any fabric, presses quickly